Natural water care

Hot tubs, Softubs, SwimSpas


Lotus Clean water care instructions

The Lotus Clean water care can vary between the different types of hot tubs. Various factors are responsible for this:

  • Water volume
  • Temperature
  • Filtering

We distinguish between hard shell hot tubs, inflatable hot tubs / softubs and SwimSpas. Please orientate yourself according to the dosage quantities corresponding to your type of spa.

General Information

Disinfection, lime, pH value and filter cleaning


Lotus Clean Basic encapsulates bacteria and dirt. You can get the encapsulations out of the pool via the filters. Lotus Clean Shock works especially against biofilms and kills bacteria, viruses and fungi.

IMPORTANT: During the first 2 weeks there should always be at least 0.3 mg/l shock in the water. Measured the day after the addition. If your water becomes cloudy, the shock dosage must be increased again so that 0.3 mg/l shock is present in the water. Repeat this process until the water remains crystal clear and odourless with the regular weekly addition of Shock.


The harder the water is, the more lime it contains. If lime precipitates, it settles on the bowl and in the pipes. Then it is a basis for biofilms and makes water purification more difficult. The pH value should always be between 6.5 and 7.8. At pH values above 8.0 lime precipitation can occur. Check the pH-value 1-2 times a day when refilling, in regular operation once a week.


First measure the pH value. Then add about one tablespoon of pH minus to the water. Let the pumps run for about 5 minutes. Measure the pH value again 2 hours later. From the difference to the first measurement you can estimate how much pH-lowering agent you still have to add to the water. PLEASE NOTE: In the first few days the pH value can quickly rise very high. In this case it may be necessary to adjust the pH value twice a day.


Suspended particles and the gel that Lotus Clean Basic forms through encapsulation collect in the filters. Without cleaning, the filters become blocked and make water purification more difficult. The filters should be cleaned with a filter spray and filter cleaner, e.g. Filter Wash Natural. When refilling, the filters should be cleaned 1-2 times a week. In regular use, one cleaning every 1-2 weeks is sufficient.