Natural water care for spas


Hard bowls Whirlpools with good

filtration, many pipelines, 37°C temperature

Softubs and inflatable spas

No individual filtering possible, small filter, few pipes, 37°C temperature

Swim spas

Poor filtration, few pipes,

approx. 25°C - 30°C Temperature

Water maintenance in the whirlpool can be very challenging and in any case more difficult than water maintenance in a swimming pool!

Why is that?

If three people use the whirlpool, this is approximately the same load as if 150 people would swim in a 4 x 8 m swimming pool.

In a whirlpool there is approx. 1200 litres of water heated to 37° degrees.

  • The warmth of the water and the massage thoroughly cleanse the skin.
  • Skin flakes, sweat, applied cosmetics, fats and oils get into the water and form a food basis for bacteria.
  • The water temperature of 37° C provides ideal conditions for bacteria.
  • They can double every 20 - 30 minutes.
  • The bacteria settle on the microscopically small dirt particles floating in the water.

Thus, after 10 hours from a bacterium1 billion bacteria are created